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February 2019
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 MPOA Rules!

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PostSubject: MPOA Rules!   Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:09 am

This is somethings that we feel that need to be done in order to keep the franchise running smooth...

1. Trades MUST be done through trade wire after week 1 of this season (season 4) there will be no more releasing players so people can pick them up via free agency if you want to trade with someone make sure both games are played we have enough time between sim to make sure we are complient with this.

2. After first day of new week you must have had some type of contact with next opponent to set up the time for your next game so we wont have any issues of finding a person trust me I do not like booting people I want everyone to stay...

3. If you are playing your game and want people to see your scores then start a post that says "blah vs blah is underway" and post scores under that post stop flooding the board with scores we have 3 franchises going on and we want to keep the main page as clear as possible...

4. Any issues within any member of any franchise then bring it to the commish of that franchise we trusted Matt & Rodney enough to allow them to make their own decisions for that franchise plus we talk on a day to day basis so you wont have any issues.

5. If you know that you are not going to be around for a game please contact me, chris or matt im mostly on here all day even if you have to shoot me a text I will respond

Continue to have fun and if there is anything you may want to add then post it under here and we will vote on it as we always do!
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MPOA Rules!
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